We’ve closed, but existing orders will still be processed.

Why We're Closing

Unfortunately, the fulfillment partner who sources and prints our totes is transitioning to a different base product. While their new tote offering is slightly larger, the quality doesn't meet our standards and their new tote itself is made in China.

Because we can't continue to offer the same premium, American-made product for what we acknowledge to be a premium price, we've chosen to shut down Mass Totes, effective July 6.

It's important to us that our customers get a good product that they can be proud of, and after reviewing samples of the new offering (for which our base cost is the same) we cannot justify selling the new tote bag at our current price point.

Thanks to everyone who has shown their love for Massachusetts cities and towns and we hope to see many more of these (evidently limited-edition) tote bags in the wild for many years to come!